The biggest challenge in most corporate research projects is not a shortage of information, but rather too much of it. The key to efficient research is figuring out how to sort through the data and zero in on what is important. An essential part of this is knowing where to begin.

We identify the best starting points for getting a basic understanding of a company, including its finances, its operations, its executives and its history. This provides a holistic way of approach. We ensure that the progress is systematic and seamless to provide consistency.

We are proud that our Research reports are different to the norm. We challenge conventions and established wisdom by sharing evidence-based research.

We aim to shape decision-making, policy-setting, good practice and performance standards in member organizations.

Simho HR Consulting has had a sterling reputation for providing clients with top talent and leading methodologies to help them meet their corporate challenges.

We offer a broad range of expertise: measuring and analyzing trends; developing policies; shaping and implementing programs; managing clients and assets; communicating effectively; developing new strategies; building employee skills; greening operations; auditing services, benchmarking and enhancing delivery models.

Simho HR Consulting recruits outstanding consulting talent in several broad areas of expertise. We draw on this talent to create work teams with skills and experience appropriate to each assignment.

Simho HR Consulting has a unique talent for delivering integrated solutions that incorporate the best that our broad range of expertise has to offer.