Soft skills focuses on those elements of training that require changes in behavior and thinking. Organizations today recognize the strong relationship between the soft skills of their employees and effective customer relationships.

A competent workforce underpins the success of any organization. It is crucial that staff possess the knowledge, skills and competencies required for optimum performance. Recognizing the training, development and learning needs necessary to equip staff with the capabilities required to contribute to business success and progress their careers is therefore key.

Simho HR Services helps organizations improve employee performance through effective development, training and learning. Our consultants view training and learning as components of a broad approach to competency management, aligned to HR and business strategy. Training and learning impact on many business areas including selection, recruitment and retention, performance management and staff development. Our consultants therefore adopt a holistic approach that encompasses both current and evolving future requirements with methodologies tailored to individual client needs. This involves:

  • Analysis of the gap between current competencies held and those needed.
  • Preparation of a strategic competency management framework, encompassing a broad range of HR interventions including training and learning, to bridge the gap.
  • Combining our expertise in training and learning with that in our other consultancy disciplines to bridge gaps in areas of specialist competencies.

Our gap analysis focuses on specific competency issues such as the training implications of achieving process improvement and initiates a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to define the training needs and specify the preferred solution.

Our consultants recognize that training should be addressed within a cycle of continuous improvement, acknowledging the need to learn from past experience. Our consultants therefore support clients in measuring the benefits of their training, assessing the effectiveness of their training and in recommending practical improvements.

We provide corporate in-house training programmes as well as Programme at college campus to enhance the soft skill and conceptual knowledge of the trainees.

Our faculties are a right blend of knowledge and experience and are capable of handling the sessions most appropriately and in an optimally beneficial pattern for the trainees.